Origin of Goods

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Details about this catalogue item

This easy-to-use eLearning module is one of the courses from an extensive UCC EU eLearning programme.

Course description

It provides fundamental knowledge in the domain of Customs Decisions and describes the Customs Decisions processes as defined by the Union Customs Code (UCC). To fully benefit of the potential of this course, we recommend to integrate the course in your own training programme and to develop a full blended learning programme.

Target audience

Customs professionals in the public and private sector from the EU dealing with customs decisions related to one of the 22 authorisations as defined in the UCC.

Learning objectives

By the end of this 75-minute course, you will have learned about:
- why the origin of goods is important to customs, what a proof of origin is and what the difference between non-preferential and preferential origin rules is;
- how the determination of origin is done and how to obtain a certificate of origin;
- how the non-preferential rules of origin work;
- how the preferential rules of origin work;
- what a registered exporter is, why it was introduced, where it is stored and what the transitional measures are;
- Binding Origin Information (BOI) and how its management works once issued.

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