About this Portal

Delivering inspired learning experiences

The Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal, the European Commission’s new Learning Portal, offers opportunities for customs and tax professionals to build, upscale or share profession-relevant knowledge and expertise through initiatives ranging from educational online learning to the organisation and hosting of multiple learning events in online and presence formats. Based on sharing of best practice, cross-country collaboration and tailored learning, this interactive training opportunity supports continuous skills & knowledge building for professionals working in customs and taxation and creates a competitive performance advantage throughout Europe.

The Portal provides users with customs and taxation training and people development measures and a place to discuss, build and disseminate taxation and customs knowledge that enhances individual, national and cross-country skills & expertise through strong collaboration.

The Customs &Tax EU Learning Portal - in context

Tax and customs play a vital role in our societies and in the functioning of the EU’s single market by ensuring efficient revenue collection, prosperity of businesses, safety and security of the EU internal market and by facilitating trade relations. Today, customs and tax professionals and their administrations and enterprises must all respond to and anticipate change to remain effective in a constantly evolving social, political and economic global context. Only through continuous development and strategic investment in skills and competencies of professionals and organisational innovation can we build relevant and sustainable customs and tax practices.

The European Commission supports specifically national tax and customs administrations and their staff with competency-based people development standards and training. Where possible, this support includes private sector professionals as well. Tailored learning and development solutions shall meet the specific requirements of professionals who are required to adapt to changing circumstances rapidly. This way, over the past 5 years, more than 2 million customs and tax professionals have participated in such EU trainings. The Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal represents a significant addition to the range of training and education materials about customs and tax topics offered by the European Commission.

Capitalising on the opportunities inherent in online learning, the portal strives to help build individual, national, cross-country and cross-sectorial knowledge, skills and expertise. Relying on a combination of different learning formats – from self-paced learning and development to interactive exchanges of best practices – they modernise customs and tax competencies by providing a new way of experience sharing and knowledge development.

The portal's vision

Over time, the Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal heads to evolve into an exhaustive, continuously evolving pan-European knowledge base & learning repository, fit to support advanced consistent training provision and people competencies development and to offer collaborative opportunities to customs and tax professionals across the EU. 

For whom?

The Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal is addressed to the public and private sector customs and tax professionals, including the national administrations, economic operators, national authorities’ staff and EC officials, academia and researchers and alike. Whilst the training offer contains also interesting material for a wider international audience, part of the content is for confidentiality reasons restricted to public administration staff only.

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Browse the learning offers available on the Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal and join a growing community of EU customs and tax professionals training for excellence.