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National Adoption of the TaxComp EU

The Common Learning Event Programme (CLEP) is an EU Training initiative under Customs and Fiscalis programmes. The programme aims at providing a floor to national administrations so that they can, by providing training, share national expertise in a specific Customs or Tax domain with other national administrations. CLEP is steered by the European Commission, and implemented in collaboration with the Training Support Group (TSG).

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The EU Competency Frameworks
The European competency frameworks (CFWs) for the customs and tax profession could help you to identify your competency gaps and training needs. Design from there your own personal Learning plan or for your trainees and achieve the next level in your career. Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal offers a wide range of training resources mapped to the European CFWs.

Therefore, the EU competencies that were identified were split into three categories: Professional Competencies, Operational Competencies and Management Competencies.