Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM): Cement sector

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The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is an instrument implemented by the European Union to address carbon leakage. It aims to ensure that imported goods are subject to a carbon price equivalent to the carbon price of domestic production in the EU. CBAM affects the cement sector by putting a price on emissions associated with cement produced in countries outside the EU, with the goal of encouraging sustainable practices and reducing carbon footprint.

Course description

Thanks to this eLearning module, you will become familiar with the CBAM and with the transitional period, reporting, methodology and IT system involved in this period applied to the cement sector.
Moreover, you will be presented a real case scenario of reporting in the CBAM Transitional Registry for the cement sector.
This is the first module of a series of 6 courses related to each of the sectors affected by CBAM regulation in the transitional period.

Target audience

This course is addressed to any person who operates or controls production installations in third countries, importers, indirect customs representatives (reporting declarants), trade partners and competent authorities or anyone who needs to understand and work with CBAM obligations in the cement sector.

Learning objectives

The global objectives of the eLearning module are:

  • Understand the general aspects of CBAM and rules for reporting declarants. 
  • Understand the main criteria for CBAM in the cement sector, including relevant emissions and the formula to calculate carbon intensity. 
  • Be able to calculate the formula for carbon intensity in the transitional period. 
  • Understand reporting requirements and how they are applied in the IT system (CBAM Transitional Registry). 
  • Demonstrate confidence and competence in the use of the CBAM Transitional Registry.

To benefit fully from the course and to achieve the learning outcomes, it is recommended to integrate it in your own training programme and develop a blended learning strategy.

Course duration

The time required to complete the course is around 45 minutes.


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