Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI)

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Details about this catalogue item

This easy-to-use eLearning module is one of the courses from an extensive EU eLearning programme on Customs and Taxation.

Course description

This course provides practical guidance for economic operators and customs officers regarding the EORI system (Economic Operators Registration and Identification). EORI is designed to make things easier for operators and customs authorities. With the introduction of EORI, each economic operator receives a single number to use in customs declarations throughout the European Union. The benefits of using EORI are to improve security for the exchange and storage of information, achieve greater administrative simplicity in preparing and processing documentation, reduce administrative burden on operators and assure a streamlined customs processing, with speedier border transit. To fully benefit of the potential of this course, we recommend to integrate the course in your own training programme and to develop a full blended learning programme.

Target audience

EU economic operators and Customs officers of national authorities.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you will understand:
- what does EORI mean, how it works and what are the benefits,
- who needs an EORI number and where to register,
- what is the registration process,
- how to access EORI information.

Course duration

The course takes 0,5 hours.


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