Nanolearning - Check the application process and decision-taking processes for the BTI decision.
The new EU-wide Uniform User Management and Digital Signatures system offers Economic Operators a unified access to a number of supporting IT systems such as UCC Customs Decisions, EOS-AEO, COPIS, UCC BTI usage and decision, including central services for electronic submission of declarations. The eLearning course "UUM&DS: Your passport to EU applications" provides Economic operators and their Customs representatives with information on how to work with UUM&DS and carry out delegation, certificate registration and authentication processes.
This easy-to-use eLearning module is one of the courses from an extensive EU eLearning programme on Customs and Taxation.
This easy-to-use eBook is an interactive eLearning tool including the entire content of the Authorised Economic Operators Guidelines, which text has been enriched with the some interactive multimedia learning activities.