New course available: “ICS2 End-To-End Testing for Economic Operators”

Short Description

The course "ICS2 End-To-End Testing for Economic Operators” is now available in English.



This course is part of the ICS2 Release 2 eLearning programme which includes 5 courses:

  1. ICS2 Process and Data: Customs Specific Processes – restricted to Customs officers
  2. ICS2 End-To-End test for Economic Operators
  3. ICS2 process and data: Air Cargo for Economic Operators
  4. ICS2 process and data: Express for Economic Operators
  5. ICS2 process and data: Postal for Economic Operators

The “ICS2 End-To-End test for Economic Operators” eLearning course introduces you to the goals of the ICS2 E2E testing, and focuses on how to perform all the required steps in an E2E testing campaign.