New in the catalogue: E-commerce e-Learning programme: OSS/IOSS schemes – Basics, IOSS scheme – Advanced, TEDB

Short Description

New eLearning courses in English are available now : - “E-commerce: OSS/IOSS schemes – Basics”, - “E-commerce: IOSS scheme – Advanced” - The "Taxes in Europe" database - TEDB



It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the new e-Commerce e-Learning programme including the three eLearning courses in English:

-          “E-commerce: OSS/IOSS schemes – Basics”,

-          “E-commerce: IOSS scheme – Advanced”,

-          "The "Taxes in Europe" database - TEDB"

These eLearning courses are part of the VAT e-Commerce e-Learning programme and guide you respectively through the 3 schemes of OSS (the Union Scheme, the Non-Union Scheme and the Import Scheme) and through the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme and its processes, as well as through the "Taxes in Europe" database.