Transitional CBAM Registry Webinar for Traders - CBAM Declarant Portal usage – Hydrogen and Iron&Steel sectors


07-12-2023 14:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/Brussels

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This CBAM webinar is organised for hydrogen and iron&steel traders from EU Member States, it will focus on the CBAM Declarant Portal usage.

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Zoom - The link will be available on the event page after receiving the approval notification.

Application deadline

04-12-2023 12:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/Brussels


European Commission

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This webinar will be recorded. If you are accepted to the event you will have access to the event’s link via the event’s page. If not, the recording will be made available on the portal, shortly after the event and will be freely accessible.

Please note that a nanolearning to introduce CBAM is already available.

Expected outcomes

Attending the webinar will allow you to gain a clear understanding of the CBAM Declarant portal functionalities and proficient use of the CBAM quarterly report form for the hydrogen/iron&steel sectors.


  • A power point presentation will be used to showcase the various aspects.
  • CBAM experts will present the mechanism, using examples and real cases.
  • Questions will be answered at the end of the webinar session.
  • A survey will appear at the end of the webinar to track participants’ satisfaction, additional information needed and measure webinar effectiveness.
  • Supporting material will be shared with participants after the completion of the webinar.

Language of the workshop

English. No interpretation will be provided.

Technical requirements

  • The webinar will take place online on the “Zoom” platform.
  • Participants will be able to enter the webinar 15 mn before.
  • During the CBAM webinar, all participants will be muted.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Questions will be answered during the last part of the webinar.
  • Participants consent to be recorded during the webinar. The recording will be made public following the session. The webinar session will be recorded for training purposes. Attendees themselves may not record the webinar session.

Profile of participants

Economic Operators (Importers and Indirect Customs Representatives) that will assume the CBAM Reporting obligation and will be submitting CBAM quarterly reports.


Economic Operators

The webinar has ended on 07-12-2023 16:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/Brussels