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CLEP for National AIAC Coordinators - EU AIAC Community


19-04-2023 09:00 - 20-04-2023 17:00 UTC

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Training dedicated to National AIAC Coordinators, related to Administrative Cooperation instruments .

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Copenhagen (DK)

Application deadline

01-04-2023 17:00 (UTC +02:00) Europe/Copenhagen


AIAC Community

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This training is open to National AIAC Coordinators, who are belonging to the AIAC Community.

19 candidates have registered to participate to this training, that will be a mix of presentations, workshops and live session (PICS, etc.).

3 trainers from the AIAC Training group will take care if this training.

The outcome of this training is for the NACs to have a more precise knowledge of Administrative cooperation instruments and all the documents available for them to be able to work better

Profile of participants

National AIAC Coordinators from Romania, The Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Czechia, Portugal, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria

Trainers from Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark


Subject matter experts

The CLEP has ended on 20-04-2023 17:00 (UTC +02:00) Europe/Copenhagen