Automated Export System (AES) - Phase 1

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The Automatic Export System (AES), Phase 1 manages electronically the export and exit formalities performed by customs officials and economic operators when goods leave the customs territory of the Union.

Course description

This eLearning module will guide you through the Automated Export System (AES) Phase 1 that aims at the automation of the completion of the export and exit formalities as regards Union goods to be exported and non-Union goods to be re-exported, covering common, national and external domains. It will also focus on the benefits and impact of the System in the related procedures. If you are a Customs Official, it is recommended to follow the ‘AES P1 Advanced Module for Customs Officers’ where specific customs topics are particularly addressed.

Target Audience

This eLearning module is addressed to economic operators dealing with export and re-export, and customs officials using AES for the completion of export and exit formalities.

Learning Objectives

Describe the different scenarios for goods to leave the customs territory of the Union;
Explain the functionalities of AES;
Apply the export and exit formalities within AES;
Explain the special cases in the export process;
Promote the benefits of the AES.

To benefit fully from the course and to achieve the learning outcomes, it is recommended to integrate it in your own training programme and develop a blended learning strategy. 

Course duration

The time required to complete the course is around 120 minutes.

An eLearning module based on the Union Customs Code and produced by the European Commission under the Customs Programme.